Our Micro Publishing™ program has been a success for over 30 years. However, court decisions on “fair-use” have defined very narrow guidelines for what needs to be cleared. The result is that most material has to have copyright clearance.

The good news is that Gnomon Copy has secured a working arrangement with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) of Danvers, MA, to handle copyright clearance. We can expect the majority of all requests to be cleared within 1 to 14 days but can take up to 28 days.

All we need to begin the process is a bibliography containing the following:

• Book/Journal Title * • Chapter/Article Name
• Publisher
• Author • ISBN/ISSN * (unique identification # for books and journals) • Publication Year
• Vol/Ed
• Number of pages and range of page numbers from which you wish to copy.

*Please note: Title and IBSN/ISSN are not required but providing this information can speed up the request process.

Compile your bibiography and call 273-3333 for pick-up. We’ll apply for all appropriate copyright permissions. Provide us with one set of originals and we will do the copies for your students.